What is Pentecost? Children's Message

May 31st, 2020

Hello and god morning! I miss seeing you guys every week. Today we are going to talk about Pentecost. First, watch this video. Remember that you can leave comments below and let me know what you think!!

Pentecost Sunday: It’s the time when we remember that Jesus / the Father sent the Holy Spirit to live inside believers. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would come into the lives of those who followed him. Many years ago followers of Jesus gathered together on a special day called Pentecost. Then all of a sudden the Holy Spirit of God came upon the people and they received new life and power to shine the light of Jesus in the world. That same Holy Spirit can give us power today to live for Jesus.

Activities: If you and your family want an activity to do today, check out this blog of Pentecost Ideas and activities!



Dear God,

Thank you that you have sent us the power of the Holy Spirit.

Please fill us up each day with the Holy Spirit that we would have

the power to live for Jesus and let his light shine in our lives.


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