Let's Talk The Future! Youth Lesson (Part 1)

April 26th, 2020

I know that a lot of you will be graduating from high school soon or will be seniors coming this fall, so let's talk about the future!

This will be a 5 part series of looking to the future. All you will need to do is read the scripture below and think about the questions that are being asked. After all 5 posts are made, we will look at the big picture and point out some themes. Feel free to leave comments below!


Dreams of Destiny (Genesis 37:1-11)

37 Meanwhile Jacob had settled down where his father had lived, the land of Canaan.

This is the story of Jacob. The story continues with Joseph, seventeen years old at the time, helping out his brothers in herding the flocks. These were his half brothers actually, the sons of his father’s wives Bilhah and Zilpah. And Joseph brought his father bad reports on them.

3-4 Israel loved Joseph more than any of his other sons because he was the child of his old age. And he made him an elaborately embroidered coat. When his brothers realized that their father loved him more than them, they grew to hate him—they wouldn’t even speak to him.

5-7 Joseph had a dream. When he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more. He said, “Listen to this dream I had. We were all out in the field gathering bundles of wheat. All of a sudden my bundle stood straight up and your bundles circled around it and bowed down to mine.”

His brothers said, “So! You’re going to rule us? You’re going to boss us around?” And they hated him more than ever because of his dreams and the way he talked.

He had another dream and told this one also to his brothers: “I dreamed another dream—the sun and moon and eleven stars bowed down to me!”

10-11 When he told it to his father and brothers, his father reprimanded him: “What’s with all this dreaming? Am I and your mother and your brothers all supposed to bow down to you?” Now his brothers were really jealous; but his father brooded over the whole business.

Have you ever wondered what you would do for your life? Through a dream, God tells Joseph exactly what will happen one day: his brothers will bow down before him!

Think about the following...

• How did Joseph get his coat? Is this a good way to go about getting things? If you were Joseph, what would you think about your new coat?

• What did Joseph’s dreams mean? How would you feel about these dreams?

• What kinds of questions might you have about them?

• What kinds of doubts would be in your mind?

• If you were the brothers, how would you feel about these dreams? About Joseph himself?

• At this time, do you think Joseph is at a high point in his life, a low point, or kind of medium?

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