Feeding 5000- Children's Sermon

August 2nd, 2020

Good morning! I wanted to revisit a common Sunday School story about Jesus feeding the 5000. In the story, we hear that a large crowd has followed Jesus and that Jesus spent the day with them, healing and teaching them. But then, when it's getting to be dinner time, instead of sending the people away for dinner, Jesus tells his disciples to feed the crowd. The disciples looked at the food that they had (five loaves of bread and two fish) and must’ve been confused. There just wasn’t enough!

So that’s what they told Jesus. They told him, "There's not enough nearly food to feed them!" But Jesus says to them, "There is enough food, here. You just have to ask God to help you unwrap the food you have." (That’s not quite what he said, by the way, but it’s pretty close!) Jesus then shows them how to "unwrap" the food they had. Jesus does this by taking the food and then praying for God's direction (that’s the part where the story says "Jesus blessed" the food)

Then, with God's direction, Jesus knows how to "unwrap" (the story says "break") the food so that there's plenty of food to give. In fact, there was so much food after Jesus unwrapped it with God's help, that there were baskets and baskets of food left over. But Jesus knew, with God’s help, it could be unwrapped. So Jesus showed the disciples how to ask for God’s help to do it.

The great thing about this story is that receiving God's help with unwrapping things doesn't just have to be about food. There are other things in life where it will seem like there just isn't enough of a thing, be it time or things or energy or attention. And, in those times, when we feel like we don't have enough, we can do like Jesus showed his disciples in today's story. We can take what we have, we can ask for God's help and direction with what we have, we can then listen for and act on God's directions. In that acting on God’s directions, we will be able to better unwrap, use, and share what we have – which will be good for us and for those around us.

Let's Pray:

Dear God,

Thank you for Jesus

who shows us how

you help us unwrap things

for both ourselves and others

Help us to do what Jesus shows us.


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