Easter Children's Sermon

Happy Easter Sunday! Watch this video clip (a part of a series in the previous posts):


Luke 24:1-12 The Message (MSG)

Looking for the Living One in a Cemetery

24 1-3 At the crack of dawn on Sunday, the women came to the tomb carrying the burial spices they had prepared. They found the entrance stone rolled back from the tomb, so they walked in. But once inside, they couldn’t find the body of the Master Jesus.

4-8 They were puzzled, wondering what to make of this. Then, out of nowhere it seemed, two men, light cascading over them, stood there. The women were awestruck and bowed down in worship. The men said, “Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery? He is not here, but raised up. Remember how he told you when you were still back in Galilee that he had to be handed over to sinners, be killed on a cross, and in three days rise up?” Then they remembered Jesus’ words.

9-11 They left the tomb and broke the news of all this to the Eleven and the rest. Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the other women with them kept telling these things to the apostles, but the apostles didn’t believe a word of it, thought they were making it all up.

12 But Peter jumped to his feet and ran to the tomb. He stooped to look in and saw a few grave clothes, that’s all. He walked away puzzled, shaking his head.

Easter Trivia

Try your luck at some Easter Trivia! Leave your answers in the comment section.

True or False

  1. The word “Easter” appears in the Old Testament in the Bible.

  2. A lamb is one of the symbols of Easter, as it was a sacrificial animal in the Old Testament.

  3. The rabbit is an ancient symbol of fertility.

  4. The egg represents “new life,” or the resurrection of Christ.

  5. The most popular American Easter candy is the chocolate bunny.

Short Answer

  1. What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter Special?

  2. At the Last Supper, what food did Jesus liken to his body?

  3. Easter Island belongs to which South American country?

  4. How was Jesus fastened to the cross?

  5. Jesus prophesized that Peter would deny him how many times?

  6. What came first, Jesus’ crucifixion, the resurrection, or the Last Supper?

  7. The “Easter parade,” an American cultural event consisting of a festive strolling procession on Easter Sunday, is characterized by what item of clothing won by women?

  8. Which job did Zacchaeus hold in the Bible?

  9. When the soldiers came for Jesus, what wound did Peter inflict on the servant of the high priest?

  10. Who wrote the popular Easter hymn “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”?

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