Bartimaeus Is Important - Children's Sermon

Good morning! First, watch the video below.

  • In today's scripture story, we hear about a man named Bartimaeus who was blind. And when he heard that Jesus was near him, he shouted, "Jesus have mercy on me!" But then guess what the people around him said? That's right - they said, "Be quiet, Bartimaeus!" They probably said this because Jesus was an important person and they thought Jesus wouldn't want to talk to Bartimaeus, who was not an important person. But, Bartimaeus didn't listen to them. Which is why he yelled again, only louder, "JESUS, HAVE MERCY ON ME!" Jesus heard him and said, "Call Bartimaeus here." And then Jesus healed Bartimaeus and Bartimaeus could see again.

  • It was a good thing that Bartimaeus did not listen to the people who told him to be quiet! By calling out to Jesus, Bartimaeus learned that Jesus thought Bartimaeus was important to talk to and to help. Now, this story doesn’t mean that you don't ever have to be quiet again. Because you do have to be quiet sometimes. We all do. We are made to have and enjoy moments of quiet.

  • But today’s story reminds us that when we need help, we should make our need of help known, just like Bartimaeus did. We should call out for help to our friends, our family, to Jesus, and to God. When we do, there will be voices that tell us to be quiet because others are too busy or too important to help us – that God is too busy and too important to help us. Don’t listen to those voices. Instead, do like Bartimaeus did and keep calling out for help. Because, when we do keep calling out for help, we will see, just like Bartimaeus did, that we are important  enough to be helped.We will also see how we are important to God and how God wants to help us – just like Bartimaeus did. And that is the good news for today.  Let’s pray.

  • Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for Jesus who helps us see

that we’re important to you and that you want to help us.

Thank you and amen

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